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Established Gallery is thrilled to present A Soft Punch of Color, the first ever solo show by Brooklyn artist Liza Domingues. This dynamic exhibition of brightly colored paintings, mobiles and 3-D works geometric forms will be on view September 17th thru October 2nd. We will be having an opening reception on Saturday, September 17th from 7 - 9pm. 


"I first became interested in geometric forms as a child. My architect father taught me to see things and draw them in basic geometric shapes. I later studied industrial design and worked in graphic design where geometric forms are the base of everything. I am hard-wired to see the world in this way. I am also drawn to bright colors because I grew up around them. Brazil is a vibrant place and colors have an important role in most of our celebrations. Thanks to my mother, my childhood home was filled with color and bright tones still bring me comfort and energy, especially during the long winter months in New York. By combining these elements, my work acts as an homage to my upbringing.   


I like for the forms of my work to transmit dynamism, even when static. The work reveals itself differently every time it’s seen from a new angle or in a new light and can create the illusion of movement when the viewer walks around it. I take time to experiment with the color of each piece. The combinations and specific tones lend the work balance and harmony while giving a soft "punch" of energy."

About the Artist

Liza Domingues was born in São Paulo, Brazil and currently lives in Brooklyn, NY. In 2004, she received a degree in Visual Communication from Fundação Armando Álvares Penteado in São Paulo. Best known for her colorful geometric acrylic paintings and tridimensional wood pieces, she also works in a variety of other mediums. Her work has been exhibited throughout New York and is part of several private collections.

Price list may be found here. 

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