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Rendering Likeness 2 (Established Promo)

Established Gallery is pleased to present “Rendering Likeness- Volume 2” a contemporary portraiture exhibition curated by Johnny Thornton.

Contemporary portraiture takes many forms and encompasses countless mediums and techniques that explore a myriad of subject matter. The artists in this show have many different approaches to portraiture, showcasing a diverse range of mediums, techniques, subject matter and concepts.

This exhibition is one of two exhibitions, we are collaborating with a second gallery space La Bodega Gallery in Brooklyn who will be holding their opening the night before this on May 31st.

Participating Artists:
Adam Murray, Alexandra Smith, AM DeBrincat, Amanda Tiller, Brittany Miller, Bryan Melillo, Daniel Morowitz, David Andersson, David Samuel Stern, Elizabeth West, Eric Zhang, Erin Juliana, Eva Redamonti, Gabriel Mills, James Falciano, Janet Pedersen, Jil Crary-Ross, John Richey, Johnny Thornton, Jordan Segal, Julia Blume, Juliet Martin, Kyle Anderson, Leah Koontz, Logan Benedict, Mary Younkin, Maya Ciarrocchi, Michael Wolf, Peter Mallo, Rhea Eunjoo In, Richelle DeLora, Robert Zurer, Robin Michals, Sara Meghdari, Scott Isenbarger, Sebastian Perinotti, Spring Hofeldt, Stephanie Germosen, Torey Akers, Victoria Accardi and Zach Grear

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