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Established Gallery is pleased to present “Seeking the Sacred,” a solo show by artist Jon Bunge. The show ended on December 4th but there is still time to acquire one of these amazing works! Price list HERE


Bunge grew up in St. Louis, Missouri in a neighborhood rich with trees. His mother and grandparents were devoted gardeners, instilling in him a love of flowers and plants. Bunge, who holds an MFA from the City College of New York and a Master’s in Divinity from Union Theological Seminary, truly sees the sacred that is present in nature. His elegant sculptures are made entirely from different varieties of tree branches. Each type of branch has its own form, texture, color, hardness, and aroma, and working so closely with the branches gives Bunge a much deeper appreciation of the natural world.


“I love to inspect the twigs to see how they send forth new branches. I find the passages where the twigs divide to be beautiful; the new growth suggests hope for the future,” said Bunge. 


The movement of the sculptures and the shadows they create also play important roles in the work. This exhibition will be dramatically lit to emphasize each piece’s unique shadow. 


“I find the contrast between the sculpture and the shadows to be captivating, and the shadows to be mysterious. They are immaterial and ephemeral; with the flick of a switch, they are gone,” said Bunge. 


Through his work, Bunge hopes to bring the global climate crisis to top of mind. Trees, which offer one solution to climate change with their abilities to capture carbon, produce oxygen, and cool the planet, are themselves in danger. 30% of the world’s tree species are currently at risk of extinction. Bunge’s practice aims to place the branches in a position of honor and reverence, and the works invite the viewer to appreciate trees and their beauty in greater depth.


Established Gallery is located at 75B 6th Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11215. Gallery hours are Wednesdays from 3-7 pm (figure drawing from 7-10 pm), and Thursday – Sundays from 3-8 pm. We are also available by appointment. 

View Pricelist HERE

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