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We are so excited to present CHROMATICISM by Natale Adgnot opening on October 30th!

The word “chromatic” comes from the Greek chroma: color. In music theory, chromaticism refers to the use of notes that are outside of a piece's scale, or key. By filling in the white keys of a scale with the black keys in between, chromaticism adds color to a simpler piece of music and has long been used to evoke intense emotions such as grief or yearning. The artworks in this exhibition represent a gradual heightening of intensity in the work of Natale Adgnot. Over a period of seven years, her three ongoing series have led into each other, building to a crescendo. Adgnot’s Sketchbook of small black and white drawings, begun in 2013, has given rise to over a hundred grayscale sculptures in the series Drawings in Three Dimensions since in 2018. In 2020, amidst so much grief and yearning, the new series Chromatics was born. This new body of work employs literal chromaticism–the logical progression from 2D to 3D, then from 3D to exuberant color.

In this short artist talk video Natale Adgnot takes you through her solo exhibition CHROMATICISM and gives insight into her artistic process. 

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