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Established Gallery is pleased to present Radical Worthiness, a solo exhibition by Elisa Valenti. 


Radical Worthiness. What seems like an act of rebellion is just a woman proving to herself and the world that the body she has been in constant battle with is, in fact, beautiful. 


In this series of voluminous nudes, Valenti explores femininity and female nudity from a woman’s perspective. Valenti’s self-portrait inspired figures renegotiate body image and invite the viewer to rethink their concept of beauty. Can these figures that have been cast aside for decades exude confidence and strength? Can they unravel radical worthiness, but more importantly freedom within oneself? 


Valenti says yes. 


It wasn’t until she started painting bodies that looked like hers that Valenti began to take control of her confidence and establish a sense of worthiness. Her figures on canvas play with varying flesh tones and signature style. Inspired by the Favre style of art, they evoke a sense that these women could be any woman. 


Radical Worthiness explores this notion through a series of paintings inclusive of “Face Yourself,” in which the figure seated nude stares at you challenging you to face your own fears and “Pizza Girl,” which is overly sensual, but only because the subject radiates happiness. 


Established Gallery is open every Saturday from 12PM – 6PM in-person, and virtual walk-throughs are available by appointment. 


About the Artist

Elisa Valenti is a body-positive and contemporary figurative artist whose work evokes a personal interpretation of beauty, strength and vulnerability. 


Through a myriad of mediums and varying flesh tones, Valenti’s signature cubism figures come to life and seem as if they could be any woman. Her work is a reflection of beautiful, luscious women that reveal Valenti’s own battle with body image and her journey to mental health. 


Based in Queens, New York, Valenti is a self-taught painter who studied fine arts and art history at the High School of Art and Design. She also holds a Doctorate of Pharmacy from St. John’s University. 

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