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Established Gallery is excited to announce the second solo exhibition of Anne-Sophie Plume in our space.

Home•bound is a series of new paintings created over the past year in New York City during lockdown, and while working as a painting apprentice at a studio in Los Angeles, during a timeframe when borders were closed and she could not return home to her native France. The paintings capture the anxieties of a world in crisis, filtered through the inward lens of Plume’s struggle with antidepressants and the withdrawals associated with them. Painting from life and perception, the works trace the contours of Plume’s world as it slowly reopened: still life paintings of pills, arranged in angular setups critical of the industry, questioning the easy access

and abuse of medication for mental illnesses; intimate portraits of friends from the moments when the world started to open up; and moody landscapes that reimagine the American west as dystopian psychological portraits. Across all her works, Plume captures the tenor of intense emotion through expressive brush strokes and vibrant juxtapositions of color.


Plume (born 1988, France) lives and paints in Brooklyn, NY. She holds a master’s degree in Management of Innovative Technologies and European Funding. She started painting in 2016, after leaving her career in the pharmaceutical industry in Switzerland to recover from a long-term illness. She graduated with an MFA from the New York Studio School in 2020 and has had several shows in the USA, France, Haiti and India. In 2018 and 2019 she was awarded the Jane C. Carroll Scholarship, and was a nominee for the Excellence and Leadership Award from the LCU Foundation in 2019.

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