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Established Gallery is pleased to present Blind Perceptions, a solo exhibition featuring the works of Signe Rudolfsen.


With Blind Perceptions, Rudolfsen asks the viewer: Do we really know who we are? In her daily travels around New York City, Rudolfsen has realized that we are all sometimes guilty of making snap judgments about one another based on appearance. In the microcosm of public transportation, blue- and white-collar workers share space and are forced to co-exist, but rarely do we ever dig beneath to discover the truth of a person. We wear facades to fit in, tweak our behavior to survive, and yet we still judge one another based on Blind Perceptions.

Rudolfsen’s work reflects her personal attitude of embracing differences without judgment. She depicts the relationship between the natural world and the man-made world. The softness represents the organic materials of the planet we live on, and the hard shapes are the digital world we live in. We are all the same, yet also so very different – made of the same things, both material and immaterial.


Born in Denmark and based in New York City, Rudolfsen utilizes her abstract figures as a "tool to spark conversation and reflections” while stimulating the viewer with her use of various materials, vibrant color patterns, and shapes. Her father is a well-respected painter and skilled craftsman, and Rudolfsen learned various practical skills from him at a young age. As she grew, she expanded to additional mediums. She is fascinated with the textures and history of the various materials she uses. Whether repurposing an old mid-century cabinet or working with a beautifully woven fabric, Rudolfsen always leaves parts exposed to honor the object’s history. From canvas and digital art prints, to hand-painted earrings and clothing, Rudolfsen does not limit her art practice, and she invites the viewer to not limit their perceptions of it. 

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