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Established Gallery presents Dick Diaries by Alexandra Rubinstein

February 14th - March 8th

Opening reception February 14th, 7-10 pm


Established Gallery is pleased to announce Dick Diaries, a solo exhibition by Alexandra Rubinstein that presents her completely and utterly unbiased view of the vulnerabilities and privileges of having a penis.

While Alexandra doesn’t have a penis, she was told from an early age that it was the primary reason she was not allowed certain things. The incessant rhetorical question used by her Russian-Jewish father was, “Can you pee standing up? Then, no.” Fortunately, she’s since learned that she certainly CAN pee standing up, but also that having a penis doesn’t solve all your problems. Through a diverse range of visual references, Alexandra explores some of these problems in Dick Diaries.

The series of studio nudes like Tough Guy and White American Nude reframe the traditional gender dynamic between artist and model. The men are trapped in her space, less clothed (assumed) and more vulnerable. While they allude to traditional masculinity through their partial dress and accessories, their poses and closed eyes render them passive and powerless, meant to be looked at but not seen. The titles further strip them of their identity and position them as male tropes as opposed to individuals. Other pieces like Talk To Me and Tell Me I’m Pretty, juxtapose oversized phalluses as symbols of manhood in traditionally feminine environments and famous movie scenes. In addition to recontextualizing the male experience, the pieces bring humor to some of the insecurities and vulnerabilities men experience with respect to their literal and figurative manhood, like the desire to fit in or be validated. Other pieces also touch on circumcision trauma, male strength and fragility, and relationship dynamics. A little something for everyone!

Alexandra is a Russian born, Brooklyn-based conceptual artist. This is her first solo exhibition with Established Gallery - guess she no longer desirable virgin.

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