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Still Life; Flowers and Portraits 2020

This collection of representational paintings by Greg Griffith is influenced by the pause of life and isolation that 2020 delivered. Griffith’s work centers on reductions and color interplays. of the environments and people of his own life. These works are snapshots and reductions of Griffith’s environment, as well as the increased consumption of broadcast and social media revealing others intimate environments in this time in isolation. The majority of this series is similar to Griffith’s earlier flat and hard edge paintings, but some of the overall paint handling becomes looser and less fussy, brought on by months of isolation and a need for change.  The Portraits and Still Lifes use minimal details without veering towards abstraction using color interactions to give depth to each work.




Greg Griffith is a multi-disciplinary artist: painter, sound designer, and composer based in Brooklyn, NY. Griffith has exhibited throughout New York and his work is a part of several private collections.

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