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Jamel Robinson: UNFETTERED

Established Gallery is pleased to present UNFETTERED, a solo exhibition by Jamel Robinson. This exhibition presents a new body of work that represents a stylistic departure and conceptual shift in Robinson’s work. In 2018 Robinson abandoned brushes and traditional painting tools and began using his body as the catalyst for his practice. Working on the floor, Robinson works improvisationally, intuitively choosing colors and using his hands as the vessels to transmute onto the surface. These new and powerful works are embedded with emotion and physicality, cumulating in deeply personal and expressive paintings.


“Throughout the endeavor of finding a new way to work, two words kept coming into my mind: assuage, meaning to lessen the intensity of and unfettered, meaning free or unrestrained. As my practice has evolved, I have allowed myself to listen to my internal voice and it is through this methodology that the works come to fruition. As questions arise, the answers are in the paintings, and in some instances, additional moments for examination. What has been personal is in fact universal — a desire to understand life, spirituality and purpose through marks on a painted surface. Some of the marks reflect language and play an important role in the works, nodding to the internal through my own poetry and the external, coming out of songs that I listen to while creating.  These words, the self-referential made colorful, are often embedded within the layers of paint on the surface…..Circumstance is my muse.”

-Jamel Robinson

About the artist:

Jamel Robinson is a multidisciplinary artist working in the mediums of writing, performance, abstract expressionist painting and sculpture. His work has attracted a variety of prominent collectors and he gained rapid international acclaim after creating site-specific exhibitions abroad. Robinson lives and works in Harlem, New York City where he was born and raised.

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