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Established Gallery presents TLAMATI a solo exhibition by Diego Anaya. 

TLAMATI by DIEGO ANAYA is a presentation of sculpture, painting, and sound installation that contemplates community, tradition, and the nature of materiality. Anaya’s emphasis on texture is present throughout his practice, ranging from the audio textures of his sound pieces to his signature combinations of pigment, sand, and ash. Subjects such as the falling of rain and the phases of the moon put the otherworldly against the terrestrial, the naturally occurring against the artificial, and the spectacular against the mundane. 


Tlamati is a word in the Náhuatl indigenous language that means “to know or feel something.” In the Náhuatl cosmovisión, in order to learn something, it is also necessary to perceive it, in such a way that learning is assimilated before its transformation into knowledge. Tlamati is a word with multiple definitions, sometimes translated to mean trickery or jest. Anaya's personal interpretation of the term considers its multiple applications as a combination of collective meaning; an endless chain of knowing what other people are saying. 

Curated by Dana Notine 

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