Established Gallery is excited to announce the second solo exhibition of Natale Adgnot at our space. GOBOLINKS will open Friday December 3rd

Gobolinks are a new series of wall sculptures that continue Adgnot's exploration of cognitive bias and pareidolia (seeing familiar objects in random information). These dimensional klecksographs are named after the Victorian parlor game that used inkblots as jumping-off points for writing poetry years before Hermann Rorschach applied them to psychology.

Capitalizing on humans’ natural attraction to anything with bilateral symmetry, Adgnot creates abstract compositions that the viewer might interpret to be insect specimens, space invaders, or masquerade ball masks. Acrylic paint is applied, then folded in two to create symmetry. The added element of texture is achieved through a process of painting and shrinking large sheets of thermoplastic before mounting them on birch panels.

Gobolinks will be exhibited in a solo exhibition at Established Gallery in Brooklyn from December 3 2021 through January 4 2022. The exhibition will also include symmetrical monoprints and screenprints.