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For the month of August we are happy to have a wonderful group of artists from Purchase University exhibiting in a group show called Poor Choices & Good Results!

Gallery will have slightly different hours for this month, we will be open Fridays-Tuesdays 4pm - 9pm

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Poor Choices &  Good Results is a group art show of fresh college students from SUNY Purchase who make art about who, what, where, when, why they are the way that they are. The title is a spinoff of an inside joke in which students call the school SUNY Poorchoice, and the work is an amalgamation of what they learned, what they didn’t want to learn, and ideas that they gravitated towards as makers. Finding what clicked and holding onto it for dear life; nourishing what felt right as creators despite what people say. They all share the same willingness to express identity, create narratives inspired by the self and interests within making. Which inevitably was developed and influenced over the course of their college careers. Regardless if going to Purchase was a poor choice or not, it's not about how amazing or bad the quality of the school is but what you make of it in the end.




Mortecai Kane


Hello, I'm Cai, an Illustrator currently based in New York. I'm a graduate of purchase college with a BFA in design and Illustration and I'm looking for freelance work. My passion is telling stories through art and bringing other stories to life.



Luke Bellas


Luke Bellas is New York based artistic who just recently graduated from SUNY Purchase college with a BFA in Painting and Drawing. Bellas' work involves creating zany, crude, and crazy looking characters based off video game and cartoons.



Gabby Amatulli


Currently based in upstate New York, Gabby Amatulli, has been exploring the concepts around feminity and witchcraft through acrylic and digital mediums. Amatulli also explores the concepts between having power and being powerless. To see her work, you can follow her on Tiktok and Instagram at painter.gabby. 



Gabriel Stoma


Gabriel Stoma is an artist based in Long Island who focuses on healing the mental space through art after trauma.



Amaya Contreras 


Hi!!! My name is Amaya. I make weird stuff and mimic things but I’ve been mostly trying to capture specific moments and emotions in my work recently! 



Magdalen Pickering


My goal is to utilize the mind’s affinity for subliminal imagery to portray the potential for change in the present. I can challenge the perception of the viewer, to simulate the act of discovery and time.

Mikaila McClinton-Thibault


Mikaila McClinton-Thibault is a Graphic Designer and illustrator with a great interest in game design and world-building. I hope to use my art and unique style to convey new and exciting narratives and create work that is both personal and relatable. I’m currently looking for experiences in programming and computer science to enhance the potential of my digital work.



Emma Evangelista Pesin


Emma is a Brooklyn based multimedia artist.Through drawing, design, video, and performance, she fabricates an ever-changing reality. Their work centers around self identification though emotional experiences in a cynical and nihilistic lens. Defining being all too human and not human at all, balancing morality and mortality and trying to navigate the emotional climate of society. 



Isabel Cambre


An artist interested in the lavishly cartoonish and the over-complication of everyday minutiae. With a thesis solely based in needing to keep their brain halfway functional through endless experimentation, the ever important dynamic of monotony versus excruciatingly clear cut moments tends to show through. and sometimes? im even funny about it :-) 



Dani Loaiza


Dani is a Long Island artist from Colombia. Their work draws from personal experiences that left a lasting impression and their attachment to music.


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